Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Calm After the Storm...or Why I've Been a Lazy Fucktard with this Blog

After a few tumultuous months, I took a deep breath and everything calmed down.

No really. I let it all go and realized how much easier life is when I'm not overanalyzing it all the time.

Although analyzing helps some things. And I guess I've still been analyzing, but I haven't been pushing so hard. That applies both to pushing myself and pushing others.

So I've got lots to write about it. Here are a few exciting blog posts that should arrive soon:

Me and My Parents: How good intentions still fuck up your kids
Chris Won't Call Me Back: Why I'm Re-evaluating all my friendships
How to Not Feel Like a Loser When Your Oldest Friend Gets a Full Ride to Harvard
Boys: Not So Icky and Confusing After All

I don't know what order these will go in, but I'll get them all written. Then Laurie, the only one who reads my blog, will be up to date on what's been going on since her boyfriend stopped returning my phone calls.

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